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MSBI stands for Microsoft Business Intelligence. The powerful suite tool developed by Microsoft which offers best solutions for BI (Business Intelligence and Data-Mining Quries. This tool uses microsoft visual studio data tools + sql server. It provides different processes for different tools for BI solutions.

MSBI is divided into 3 entities : -

  • SSIS - SQL Server Integration Services.
  • SSAS - SQL Server Analytical Services.
  • SSRS - SQL Server Reporting Services.

SSIS is basically a integration service it integrates the data from differnt format like Sybase, Oracle, Text, Excel, Mysql into one format, while doing integration it first refreshes data and cleans data. This integration process is done with the help of OLTP (Online Transaction Processing) component of MS SQL Server.

SSAS is analyze service, It analyzes the stored data. SSAS use use OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) component and data mining capabilities.For analyze process it build multi-dimensional structures called CUBES and build mining models to perform data analysis and to get valuable information.

SSRS is reporting service, Now represent analyze data in a graphical way SSRS is used, SSRS generates reports of analyze data, Reports, Plans, Dashboards, Scorecards, Excel etc.

What is BI ?

BI stands for Business Intelligence, refers to set of techniques which helps in searching, finding and analyzing best data or relevant info out of huge data for good business decision making.

Suppose if CEO request for any account information then he/she get touch base with accountant for information and in return accountant lets say shares information via google drive. If CEO request for customer information then he/she will get touch base with back-office team for customer data and in-return back-office team lets say shares information with CEO via email shares customer data. Now coming to end-customer if end-customer wants to connect to organization lets say there is an intranet/website medium to communicate with an organization visa-versa same for organization to communicate with end-customer.

Now in this whole process if you read carefully there is an dependancy of communication. Means accountant have organization account details, back-office team have customer information and all this data shares via different medium channel. As a result collaboration between an entities becomes complex. So to resolve this kind of issue "Share-Point" comes into picture.

If we centralize data on a same server our above example problem will be solved. So if we have centralized SharePoint Server then CEO, Back-Office team, accountant and end-customer will use same server and same point of sharing data. So we have achieved by keeping centralized SharePoint Server is centralized point, same protocol / medium of sharing data . This will increase collaboration between entities and an information will be shared in a collaborative manner.

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